Pro-tip: the easiest way to invite your family is by adding them (and their e-mail address) to your family quilt.


Tell us a little bit about yourself! Update your profile with a photo, birthdate, etc by using the profile icon in the bottom right


To start your journey, you’ll want to go ahead and set up a family quilt and add users within the profile section. 

When adding users, you can use the toggle at the top to choose to invite the user or simply add them to your family tree. 

When family members are added to your tree they will be able to add memories, family members, and see stories and memories that have already been added!

When other family members make additions to the family tree, you'll want to classify your relationship with them in your family tree.


Using the + icon in the top right or in the bottom navigation, you can begin to add or request stories and content.

These can be stories you want to pass down to future generations, videos of your child’s first steps, or your wedding - things you want to cherish forever. 

Request stories from your parents about their childhood, their parents and grandparents, or how they met!

Make sure to tag those who were a part of the memory!


Using the explore icon, you can see a timeline of recently added memories from other family members. 

By using the quilt icon you can view a family member’s profile for memories and stories related to them