We’re here to help funeral homes transform heartache into a heartfelt celebration of life and love

Quilt works with funeral homes to make it easy for them to gather and display photos from families to create a slideshow for the service - and long after.

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Why we are here

quilt was built out of personal experience

I lost my sister suddenly last year. When it came time to plan the funeral, I spent hours aggregating photos from friends and families.

I wish I had quilt back then to help alleviate this burden – so I could have had more time with my family.

For Funeral Homes

  • Save A LOT of time: Say goodbye to IT hassles. Quilt saves funeral homes valuable time and effort by handling the photos and slideshows, allowing them to focus on the high quality of service they are uniquely qualified to provide.
  • Enhance Your Product Offering: Quilt is not just a service; it's an opportunity. Funeral homes can provide high value services by offering this unique and helpful digital tribute. Families will thank you for making their lives easier during this difficult period.
  • Effortless Handling: Quilt simplifies the process of managing photos for memorial service slideshows, eliminating the need for handling physical photos, emails, USB drives, last minute changes. Quilt will field all of the customer service questions.

For Families

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Simply by offering quilt, funeral homes elevate their level of customer service via quilt’s tech-driven solution
  • Time Saver: Quilt relieves families from the burden of aggregating memories. We handle the details, allowing more time for reflection and remembrance
  • Digital Reminiscence; Watch Anytime, Anywhere: View the slideshow on any device, including your own home TV, providing the flexibility to reminisce well beyond the service

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