Introducing quilt. We've created a digital platform for families to organize and share their memories and stories across generations

quilt is a purpose-built collaborative network for families to easily and digitally create, organize and preserve memories and stories

Allow your family tree to thrive by sharing family photographs, videos, audio, stories and more - all in one place

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We've built a home to ensure your family can always find the stories and memories they'll cherish forever


Turn your family tree in to a forest

  • By enabling a space where all family members can share in creating, requesting or uploading recorded video/audio (and all other media), new or old, you develop a treasure trove of family history that you can relive and pass-on for generations to come


Build a home for the stories that deserve to live on for lifetimes

  • Using the connections of your family tree allows you to share your memories for generations to come, while also reliving them in real-time. Picture a world where your children will be able to watch and listen to stories from their great-grandparents


Create a true, ever lasting connection between those who are and aren't still with us

  • Gone are the days of clunky photo albums of past generations and your early birthdays. Store and create family videos, among other content, so future generations can listen to stories actually told by family members and truly get to know who they are


Actively add new memories as they're created while also creating a safe place to capture those stories passed down from generation to generation

  • Flexible media support and easily contextual relationships between family members, where you can add content and annotate the important "tags"


Revisit and share your favorite stories and memories with ease

  • We all know finding the photos or videos you want, when you want them, on traditional social media platforms is difficult. quilt's purpose-built solution solves that

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“My grandfather used to tell me about his family in Ireland all the time as a child, and I was frankly more interested in what was on TV at the time. Now I wish I could hear every story he had to tell. This concept will be revolutionary for generations to come in remembering or learning about their family history.”

- Kim G. (Austin, TX)

“My mom can tell you stories from past generations off of the top of her head about all aspects of their family history. I struggle to think of even of a handful on the spot, let alone be able to remember all that she has in her head, I will absolutely be using this!”

- Andrea M (New York, NY)

“Trying to find family photos or videos on social media platforms when you need them is next to impossible. Being able to sort, filter, and contextualize this all in one place will be a lifesaver!”

- Emily B (Darien, CT)

“My family and I take so many videos and photos of my daughter as she is growing up. I love the idea of being able to start storing these on a platform that is built for this!”

- Katie C (Charleston, SC)

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